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Hivekit is a vendor agnostic platform that lets you aggregate all your site’s data in one place, get a real time view of your operations, coordinate staff, vehicles and machinery and automate your site for unmatched levels of efficiency and resource utilization.

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Track Workers, Vehicles and Equipment

Hivekit provides a realtime view of every worker, vehicle and piece of equipment on your site. This includes location, movement and status, but also machine data - from fuel levels to loaded weight, throughput, pressure and other metrics.

This data is displayed in Hivekit’s digital twin, can feed as input into automation rules and can be displayed in freely customizable, machine dependent UIs.

Assign Tasks and Schedules

Hivekit makes it easy to coordinate staff and machinery. Simply select individuals or groups and assign tasks or schedules. Hivekit automatically translates these into individual commands and sends them to every worker, vehicle and switch. It then tracks progress and completion and updates you in real time.

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security zones

Create Zones and Access Privileges

Orchestrating a host of sub contractors is hard - doing so in a secure and compliant manner can be extremely challenging at scale. Hivekit helps by letting you define zones and geofences, enforce access privileges, track violations and automate incidence responses.

Transform Staff into Data Sources

Hivekit’s mobile app does not only track each staff member’s location and show their assigned tasks and routes - it also lets the employee report back to you. They can send messages, raise issues and even collect specific data points, based on fully customizable and context dependent mobile UIs.

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agriculture automation

Connect Machinery

Hivekit’s API makes it easy to integrate with Machine endpoints via Websocket, HTTP, TCP, or MQTT and can be adjusted for custom endpoints. This allows you to integrate Hivekit’s realtime data with machine commands, e.g. “start ventilation when staff member approaches”, “create safety zone around moving vehicle” or “alert closest mechanic when malfunction is detected”.

Run your Site on Autopilot

Hivekit’s goal is not just to empower your human operators, but to allow you to automate processes. Our sophisticated rule engine allows you to script business processes and commands that Hivekit will evaluate based on incoming data, translate into instructions and track for completion.

While each individual rule you write might be simple, they quickly add up to ever higher levels of automation and efficiency - and you’ll soon see your site running like a self orchestrating swarm.

agriculture automation

Easy to adopt and integrate

Hivekit can easily be integrated with both vendor specific apps and platforms and custom build data endpoints. It is simple to adopt and roll out.

No Vendor lock in

Hivekit allows you to aggregate data from multiple vendors and equipment manufacturers, allowing you to break out of closed ecosystems.

Infinitely Extendable

Hivekit makes all its data accessible through its powerful realtime API that provides a scalable backbone for your custom apps and integrations.


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