Farm Management in a Box

Smarter farm management is local. Track workers, vehicles and machines, collect samples and metrics, visualize your farm in 3D, assign tasks, manage staff and automate recurring processes - all in a compact software package that’s resilient through internet outages and stores data locally.

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tractor UI configuration

Track Workers, Vehicles and Equipment

Hivekit provides a realtime view of every worker, vehicle and piece of equipment on your farm. This includes location, movement and status, but also machine data - from fuel levels to temperature, throughput, yield or other metrics. This data is displayed in Hivekit’s digital twin, can feed as input into automation rules and can be displayed in freely customizable, machine dependent UIs.

Assign Tasks and Schedules

Hivekit makes it easy to coordinate staff on your farm. Simply select individuals or groups and assign tasks or schedules. Hivekit automatically translates these into individual commands and sends them to every worker. It then tracks progress and completion and updates you in real time.

agriculture task assignment
field sample collection

Collect Samples and Metrics

Hivekit can connect to existing sensors and datasources. But it also allows you to build custom data entry UIs for your workforce, allowing them to simply record metrics and locations on their mobile devices.

Automate Operations

With Hivekit, you can run your farm more efficiently and with less human oversight. Our powerful and flexible rules engine lets you assign tasks based on conditions (e.g. “if sensor value falls below x, assign the closest worker with qualification y to perform task z”). Hivekit auto

agriculture automation


Easy to adopt and integrate

Hivekit can easily be integrated with both vendor specific apps and platforms and custom build data endpoints. It is simple to adopt and roll out.

No Vendor lock in

Hivekit allows you to aggregate data from multiple vendors and equipment manufacturers, allowing you to break out of closed ecosystems.

Infinitely Extendable

Hivekit makes all its data accessible through its powerful realtime API that provides a scalable backbone for your custom apps and integrations.


  • Size M

    Up to 500 connected people, vehicles and machines

    499.00 $/month
    Monthly cancellable, no setup fees as part of our launch promotion.
  • Size L+

    Hivekit can run as a cluster that scales to any demand and is also available as a fully managed Cloud Service.

    Reach out to us for these options.

Special Offer

$500 Setup Fee No setup fee as part of our launch promotion.

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