The Operating System for the Physical World

Hivekit combines Asset Tracking, Operations Management and Process Automation into one unified platform, providing insight, control, efficiency and safety across industries.

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What is Hivekit?

Hivekit is a platform that connects people, vehicles, machines and data sources. It visualizes your operations as a digital twin, providing a realtime overview of every movement, process and metric. From here, your human operators can assign tasks and schedules that Hivekit automatically translates into individual commands and traceable assignments.

But what really makes Hivekit stand out is its spatial rules engine. With it, you can create rules and logic that let you automate any aspect of your operations, allowing your site, farm, mine, delivery network or fleet to run on autopilot while simultaneously providing greater insight and control to your human operators.

  • connect


    Stream location, status and other data like battery charge, fill levels or rider info to the platform via our mobile app or using a range of APIs and protocols.

  • visualize


    See every person, vehicle and data overlay move and update in realtime on our 3d map. Drill down into vehicle specific data and visualisations.

  • control


    Highlight individuals or groups, assign destinations and tasks and track their progress and completion - just like playing a realtime strategy game.

  • automate


    Write rules that automatically assign and manage tasks based on data changes - using a simple language, no harder than an Excel formula.

Hivekit API

Hivekit provides a scalable API to track millions of people, vehicles and machines, stream realtime feeds to dashboards and end user devices, keep a detailed location history and execute spatial logic - all fully integrated with Hivekit’s Mobile App and Operator UI.

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Also available On-Premises

Hivekit is built around a unique, horizontally scalable high performance server for in-memory geospatial event processing. This server is also available to run on your infrastructure in your datacenter

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