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Location infrastructure
for the Internet

Hivekit provides a scalable API to track millions of people, vehicles and machines, stream realtime locations to dashboards and end user devices, keep a detailed route history and execute spatial logic - all fully integrated with Hivekit’s Mobile App and Operator UI.

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connect apps, vehicles, sensors and servers

Securely connect vehicles, sensors, GPS trackers and mobile apps to Hivekit using a range of protocols and client SDKs. Stream location data such as coordinates, speed, heading or altitude as well as any other information, such as charge, fuel levels, current rider or rental ids.

...or don't

Don’t feel like writing integration code? No problem - Hivekit comes with a mobile app that let’s you track people, manage tasks, collect samples and reports and communicate with operators. You can also create QR codes that can be placed on vehicles. This way, app users can securely track vehicle locations without the need for extra hardware.

Build sophisticated apps

Hivekit provides the reliable data infrastructure to power thousands of mobile apps and browser dashboards.It lets you query historic trips and current locations, stream realtime updates and comes with all the advanced features such as (roaming) geofencing, areas, pub/sub messaging and programmable server logic that you need to build stellar location experiences.

Operator Interface Included

As your company grows, operations become ever more critical. Hivekit comes with one of the best operator interfaces on the market included with every subscription - fully integrated with our API and usable out of the box. See all your vehicle’s location and status, configure custom UIs and views, assign tasks like playing a realtime strategy game and write and test automation rules from once central interface.

Operator UI Screenshit
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Automate Workflows

As your operations become more complex, Hivekit’s automation rules can take care of a lot of recurring tasks. Directing a maintenance vehicle to unresponsive or low charge scooters, getting a taxi to the closest client, turning on ventilation when workers approach a mineshaft or sending security guards to an incident report are all just a few lines of code away.


An API that unlocks new geospatial usecases

With fast-flowing location data, real-time subscriptions and queries, and an event-driven rules engine, Hivekit makes it easy to create a new generation of location-based apps.

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Also available On-Premises

Hivekit is built around a unique, horizontally scalable high performance server for in-memory geospatial event processing. This server is also available to run on your infrastructure in your datacenter

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