Berlin, Germany - 19.03.2024

Hivekit releases “Farm Management in a Box”

Hivekit - a UK/Germany based developer of Operations Software just released a compact version of their cloud platform that can run on-site without an internet connection. This enables farmers and agricultural operators to truly own their data, be independent of third party services and operate locally under any conditions.

Hivekit Screenshot
Hivekit for Agriculture

Hivekit combines asset, staff and vehicle tracking with metrics and sample collection. It displays all collected data in a 3D version of your farm - complete with moving vehicles and farm staff, harvest performance and soil sample overlays and custom dashboards for each type of asset.

From here, farm managers can assign tasks and give commands that Hivekit translates into individual instructions and forwards to farm staff and machines via Hivekit’s mobile app.. Hivekit also allows to automate recurring processes with simple macros: Let Hivekit assign the nearest staff member to fill it up again, all without the need for intervention by the farm manager.

All this comes now in a compact form factor. Hivekit’s “Farm Management in a box” is a single file that can run on any computer on the farm, stores data locally and comes with open APIs that make it easy to connect vehicles and equipment, regardless of vendor.

“Farmers are increasingly weary of being locked into vendor ecosystems and relying on external online services to manage their operations” says Hivekit CEO Wolfram Hempel. “With the “in a box” concept we wanted to provide a real alternative that puts the farmer back in control.

“Farm Management in a Box” is now available from and comes with free personal setup support and training as part of the package.


About Hivekit

Hivekit, founded in 2023, is the result of five years of research and development into creating a new way of workforce coordination based on the emergent self-organization exhibited by swarms.

Today, Hivekit provides a geospatial data and workforce orchestration platform that enables operators to track vehicles, people, machines and data sources, issue manual commands and track their completion and create behavioral rules that run complex operations on autopilot.

Hivekit is a distributed company with its seat in the USA and its workforce split across Germany and the UK.


About the Founders

Hivekit was founded by Wolfram Hempel, a technologist and entrepreneur who previously built realtime data and visualization startups and Adam Iley, a technologist focused on financial trading, synthetic world simulation and realtime data processing.

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