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Hivekit supports connections via HTTP, Websocket and TCP.

The preferred way to connect is by using a Hivekit Client SDK. These are currently available for

and will soon be available for Android, iOS, Go and other languages.

You can also connect to Hivekit's APIs directly. This might be necessary if there isn't a client SDK for your language or if you run on a low power device, such as an IoT sensor and only wish to sent a single value update without the overhead of a whole client SDK.



The urls listed for the on premise server are only the default urls and ports on the local network. You can, of course, change these in conf.yml, run your server behind a reverse proxy or load balancer or introduce other network constructs that change the actual URL of your local server.

protocolhivekit.ioon premise

Message Format

All three protocols communicate via the same message format. Please find documentation about it here.